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Gold Coasts Liberty Belle

Liberty is a Yogi X Lorena daughter. Liberty is being trained in carting and will be in the conformation ring in the fall.

OFA Fair MF-5425F36F-PI
OFEL (normal elbow evaluation) MF-EL2428F36-PI
OFCA (normal cardiac evaluation) MF-CA679/36F/P-PI
OFPA (normal patellar evaluation) MF-PA814/36/F/P-PI
CERF CERF# MF-2175 (Normal/normal) 7/2003
MSU thyroid normal (6/2003)
vWD and Cystinuria normal
PRA clear by parentage

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Gold Coasts De Vine Damian

Damian is a pet and will never be bred. He is a poor mover and after limping slightly at 3 years old, I re-radiographed his elbows, sent them to OFA and he was graded as having DJD in one elbow. He had passed his elbow prelims and two year evaluations. He is a very happy, outgoing, goofy dog. We love him in spite of his faults, and he feels the same about us.

Damian is MCOA "Gold" Health Award Winner

DNA profiled with UKC reg. no. P230192. AKC DNA profile # V27612
OFA Good MF-3110G24M-T (prelim Excellent)
OFEL (normal elbow evaluation) MF-EL905-T
OFCA (normal cardiac evaluation) MF- CA75/16M/C-T
OFPA (normal patellar evaluation) MF-PA124/16/M-T
Thyroid normal (MSU)
vWD normal (Cornell University) vWF:Ag- 90%
CERF normal/normal MF-858/96-99
Cystinuria negative

See Damian's Pedigree.
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More info & pictures of Damian are available on Deb Jones' page .
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UKC Ch. Gold Coasts Raven


Raven is a MCOA "Gold" Health Award Winner

OFA Good Hips MF-3969G26F-T
OFA Elbows MF-EL1456-T
CERF Normal 11/99
PRA DNA clear by parentage
Thyroid Normal 10/99
Cardiac OFA MF-CA250/20F/P-T
Patellar normal OFA MF-PA334/20/F/P-T
vWD normal
Cystinuria negative

Raven is DNA profiled and dual registered AKC/UKC.

See Raven's Pedigree.
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Megamillion's Pooka, CGC,TDI

Megamillion's Pooka, CGC,TDI in whelp

"Pooka" got her name from the Jimmy Stewart movie "Harvey." Harvey was Jimmy Stewart's imaginary(?) giant rabbit companion. A "pooka" is a friendly, mischievous animal spirit, and is spelled many ways. One spelling means authentic, or first-rate. All of these descriptions suit her. She was apparently born with good manners. I have owned her since she was 8 weeks old and have never seen her do a mean or foolish thing. She has a highly developed sense of humor, and loves to play tricks on us and on visitors. She is one of those totally trustworthy dogs that you can take anywhere and who gets along with everyone. She loves to weight-pull and is now our best carting dog.

Pooka is a MCOA "Permanent Gold" Health Award Winner

DNA profiled UKC reg. no. P230190
Five Star Award winner
Permanent MCOA Gold Health Award winner

OFA Fair MF2041F28F-T
OFEL (normal elbow evaluation) MF-EL285-T
OFCA (normal cardiac evaluation) MF-CA37/43/P-T
OFPA (normal patellar evaluation) MF-PA5/14/F-T
Thyroid normal MSU (1994-1999)
CERF normal/normal MF-388/93 thru 99
PRA DNA clear (Homozygous Normal)
vWD normal (Dr Dodds. Comparative Hemotology Lab) vWF:Ag. 84%

See Pooka's Pedigree.
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Gold Coasts Beamish Stout

Beamish Beamish is a very handsome dark brindle son of Triple Champion Mackeson and UKC Champion Lorena. Picture at 14 months of age. I will be showing him at UKC events soon. Beamish has a lovely head, but is rather short in body and likes to pace. He has been CERFed, vWD and cystinuria screened.

Beamish has an aloof temperament with people he does not know, but is loving and humorous with familar friends.

See the Pedigree for Beamish.
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