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Gus and Chandelle with City Mini Gus and Chandelle at the park.

Rosie and friends Rosie and friends at the park. Rosie is 13 months old in the photo and took to carting immediately.

Pooka at Equine Driving Show Pooka and Pat, at the Treasure Coast Carriage Event (Equine Driving Show). Pooka delivered the trophies in the main ring, to the winners of the Carriage Dog class - the largest and most popular event at the show.

Yogi in New Harness Yogi, in a newly designed harness for the Millennium Mini. Harness designed/manufactured by Darlette R.

Gus with Mini Gus modeling the perfectly balanced Millennium Mini with weight bar attached for ground work (driving, teaching commands while walking with the dog).

Close Up of Mini Close up of the Mini weight bar which keeps the rig balanced with no rider on board.

Pat and Yogi Yogi and Pat with the Millennium Mini (I have the first one in the U.S.).

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